Congratulations to the Spring 2018 Beta Phi Mu, Beta Lambda Chapter nominees!

We will hold the Spring Induction on
Saturday, May 12th at 10am
in TWU Stoddard Hall 402.
See you all there!

Past events:

May 2017 (included face to face and virtual induction!)

May 2016 (included face to face and 1st ever virtual induction!)

May 2015

(flickr photos for May 2015)

Nominees: 1. Hanna Ahrens  2. Cynthia Alaniz  3. Monica Cammack 4.Laura Compton 5. Joni Harris 6. Cynthia Hickerson 7.  Stacy Kistler 8. Kimberly Krutka 9. Cari Montgomery 10. Candace Norton 11.Kelsie Nygren 12.Hailey Roberts 13.  Joanna Taylor

December 12 at 5:00pm
Stoddard Hall room 402. TWU Denton campus map) Collect your cord and pin. Coffee, water, and light refreshments will be available. 


Summer 2014: 1. Amber Clark 2. Heather Osborn 3. Jennifer Testa 4. Amy German 5. Sue Blankemeyer 6. Annmarie Williams

Fall 2014:1. Lisa Propes 2. Kerol Harrod 3. Shannon Houston 4. Rolando Ramirez 5. Marlen Bozone 6. Donald Cummings 7. Anna Darst 8. Danielle Doeckel 9. Mindy Enderle 10. Jessica Fincannon 11. Edgar Fuentes 12. Mariya Hapiy 13. Morgan Lefevre 14. Judith Lucas 15. Stacy Webb 16. Cindy Wynia

About membership: If you are unable to attend, send your mailing address and the TWU BPM chapter will mail to you your certificate, pin, and cord. You can send your address to: TWU School of Library and Information Studies, Stoddard Hall, Room 404, P.O. Box 425438, Denton, TX 76204-5438. Be sure to add Attn: Beta Phi Mu.
Note: Membership requires you complete a membership form and submit a new member fee of $100.00 ($85.00 to the National Chapter and $15.00 for the local chapter). The form can be accessed at:


May 9, 2014 3:30-5:00 pm Stoddard Hall room 402. (TWU Denton campus map) Collect your cord and pin. Coffee, water, and light refreshments will be available.

Nominees: Crystal Anderson, Pamela Beach, Amy Bearce, Amy Blackburn, Nancy Davis, Elizabeth Hollenbeck, Lisa Keefer, Irene Kistler, Rachel Paper, Romeo Rosalses, & Maricela Verastiqui

December 13, 2013 from 11:00 am – noon, Stoddard Hall room 402. (TWU Denton campus map)

August 2013 Grad nominees:
Arage, Stephanie | Barrett, Pamela  | Beavers, Jessica | Brock, Rosemarie | Jung, Ione | Simental, Andrea |

December  2013 Grad nominees:
Beathard, Blaire | Bostwick, Lynn |Cornelius, Audrey |Cruz, Dana |Espinosa, Rebekah| Grape, Roger |Horn, Christiana| Kirchoff, Jenelle | Lacaze, Megan | Meyer, Kelly| Sreenan, Patrick |Stephenson, Yvonne

Flickr pics:

Join us May 10th. 2013

SLIS Commencement Open House at the Denton Campus on Friday, May 10 between 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. in Stoddard Hall, Room 402 to collect their cords and pins. Coffee, water, and light refreshments will be available. The Officers of Beta Phi Mu hope that you can stop in to meet us and the faculty who are able to attend.

Nominees: These students are graduates that the faculty has chosen for nomination into BPM. All have a 3.75+ GPA and represent 25% of those eligible who are graduating this Spring semester. ~ Dr. Golden.

Congratulations to Sarah Alexander, Cheryl Bagley, Melissa Bilbro, Rosemarie Brock, Kristin Flores, Yalan Guan, David Jurecka, Ilana Locker, Jean Lovett, Cynthia MacDonald, Priscilla Pineda, Melissa Ryans, Jill Swann, Ashley Wiebling, Brandon West, Randy Williams, and Phyllis Yarbro.

Join us Friday, December 14, 2012 at the SLIS Commencement Open House

“We invite you, your family, and your friends to attend the SLIS Commencement Open House at the Denton Campus on Friday, December 14 any time between 11:30 – 1pm in Stoddard Hall, Room 402 to collect your cord and pin. Coffee, water, and light refreshments will be available.If you are unable to attend, send us your mailing address and the TWU BPM chapter will mail to you your certificate, pin, and cord.” – Janine Golden.

Stoddard Hall:

Fall 2012 BETA PHI MU –  Faculty Nominations    
MLS : David  Anderson; Emilie  Buske ; Robert  Dingerdissen;  Amy Fletcher;  Nancy Graves; Veronica  Grooms; Jacob Gucker; Dolores Johnson; Kori  Parkinson; Jessica Roach; Nancy Shields; & Brittany  Snyder
Ph.D: Christine  Shupala

Past inductions:

INDUCTION May 12, 2012 at Noon
Spring 2012 Meeting and Induction Ceremony
Location: Blagg Huey Library, Texas Woman’s University
Denton Campus Location Map and Directions   | Denton Campus  at 304 Administration Dr, Denton, TX 76204
Reception Ceremony and Refreshments for inductees, scholarship recipients and their guests.

  • May 2012 Beta Phi Mu Nominees: George Ciccone, Lisa Cockrell, Jeana Elizondo, Grace Erkman, Sandra Fike, Stephanie Gilbert, Abby Hancock, Joni Hill, Angela Johnson, Jeffry Marlatt, Mary Meeks, Carol Neeland, Elizabeth Partridge, Wendy Pitts, Elizabeth Schneider, Chanee Sung, Laura Tierney. Valerie Hill, Ph.D., Marianne Follis, Ph.D.
  • Beta Phi Mu Spring 2012 Scholarship Recipients: Elizabeth Hollenbeck and Molly Mulligan
  • The nominees (19) are 25% of the May 2012 graduating class with a GPA of 3.75 or higher.

INDUCTION December 2011
Texas Woman’s University Beta Lambda Chapter inducts new members into Beta Phi Mu International Library Honor Society at the TWU Library on December 16, 2011@ noon
YouTube:  { Pictures @}

Here are the 12 nominees (25% of graduating class) selected by the TWU SLIS faculty for fall 2011 induction:
Anderson, Kathryn |Brackensquires, Lisa |Gonzalez, Xelena |Gurley, Jacqueline|Latson, Kellie | Linder, Kelly |Loving, Frances |Sheehan, Jennifer| SoRelle, Jessamy|Wallace, Ashley|Ybarra, Theresa|Young, Natalia


We have uploaded a video from our  May 2011 induction ceremony.
Video courtesy of Valerie Hill. Hope you enjoy:

When: May 14 (Sat) at 8:00-9:00 am |What: Induction Ceremony and Reception
Where:  Texas Woman’s University, Blagg Huey Library, Room 101,
304 Administration Drive, Denton, TX 76204
Speaker: Eva Poole, Denton Public Library Director
|TWU Campus Map:


Past Events:
2010 Spring Induction Ceremony and Reception:


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